Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sony W80 vs Canon SD850IS: corner blur

Corner blur is a common problem in compact digital cameras. I decided to look at the W80 and the SD850 and compare the two.

The W80 has a smaller zoom lens (3x) and while it does have blurry corners, its not as bad as the SD850IS. Note that both cameras have the most problem with blurry corners at wide angle, with the SD850IS being particularly bad on the lower right, and the W80 having the hardest time at the lower left. Neither camera has much blurriness if you zoom in, but I take >50% of my photos at wide angle so this is a significant issue.

Check out these lab shots: W80 vs SD850IS. The W80 clearly wins.

But what about the real world? Check out this pair: W80 vs SD850IS

I would say that in the real-world shot the SD850, while worse, doesn't produce blurring that is that noticeable.

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