Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Inside the SD110 - part 3: underside of the mainboard

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In this shot you can see the other side of the mainboard. Again there are several ICs, the most interesting being the DIGIC IC (version II). This is the main chip that Canon produces, and gives the camera it's personality. This chip incudes several functional parts, according to wikipedia; a general purpose CPU (a 32 bit RISC cpu made by ARM), a video controller and a still picture controller. The code running on this chip provides all of the interface that you see when you use the camera, as well as all the video and image processing when you take a photo or record a movie. Interestily, the DIGIC II was used by a huge range of cannon cameras from the high-end EOS20 to the lowly SD110, and even fairly recent models such as the SD700. All modern Canon cameras in production, however, use the newer DIGIC III.