Saturday, September 1, 2007

Canon PowerShot SD 800

Canon's 2nd compact powershot with image stabilization, an update of the SD700. Slightly lighter but same size. Features a wide-angle zoom with a 3.8x range.

Pros: Wide angle lens. Slightly improved battery life. Portrait mode which focuses on faces. After tacking picture camera shows full picture with zoomed inset to let you check focus.

Cons: Noticeable edge blurriness at wide zoom angle ( a bit worse than the SD700).

Reviews: - Excellent review with lots of real world tests, including ISO and nightshot tests. - nice review that focuses on usability and real world photos - Spec oriented review but with lots of good detail Some sample pics and good details about the menus

As of 9-2007 it looks like it goes for about $300 from reputable vendors.

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